Wednesday, March 19, 2008

EM - Technique to covert kitchen waste into manure

Here is one of the products which can be used very effectively to convert garbage into very good quality manure.
EM - Effective micro-organisms are extremely beneficial, Eco-friendly and totally harmless. EM-solution is very economical and easy to use.

EM solution can be classified into 3 categories.

1. Original EM (EM-1)
2. Extended EM (EM-2)
3. Rice Wash EM (EM-3)

Made only at the factory. It has dormant micro-organisms and is used to make extended EM solutions. Instruction booklets are also available along with this.

Extended EM solution (EM-2)
Fill one liter-size plastic bottle with plain water leaving about 2'' on top. Corporation water contains Chlorine so please leave it open overnight before use. Add 10ml original EM solution and 2 tbsp of sugar (15gms) to this water. Mix well and keep it airtight away from sunlight in a cool dark place for seven days. Once in two or three days open the lid to let out some gas. This will be ready for use on the 8th day. In cold weather it may take a little longer (about 10 days or more). Shelf life is one month after it is ready.

Rice Wash EM (EM-3) Solution
This EM further enhances properties of EM and makes its use even cheaper. Take 1ltr size plastic bottles number them 1 to 7. When you wash rice for cooking collect first two washes (approximately 1ltr from 250gms of rice). Fill one bottle with this water leaving little space on top (about 2''). This rice water should be used within 4hrs. Add 20ml of EM-2 (Extended EM) and 2tbsps of sugar. Close cap tightly and keep aside for 7 days in a cool place away from sunlight. Repeat the process every day till all the 7 bottles are ready. On the 8th day bottle no1 is ready for use on your kitchen waste. The shelf life of the EM enhanced rice water is one week.
Take 2 or 3 plastic buckets and number them 1 to 3. Empty your kitchen waste (egg shells, bones, stale food, vegetable waste etc) in the first bucket. Pour EM-3 over it till the whole waste is immersed in this solution. Repeat this process every day until the bucket is full, leaving a little space on top to let out the gas. Keep covered for ten days. Repeat the process with the other buckets. After ten days take out the first bucket, sieve the liquid into another empty container. This liquid diluted 300 times with water is excellent liquid manure. Water your pots and plants with this water once in a week or once in ten days. Shelf life of this liquid is about 10 to 15 days. The leftover garbage contents is mixed with 3 times the quantity of soil and stored in gunny bags or empty cement bags for 10 to 15 days after which the fertile soil is ready for use. Use this soil directly in pots or on the ground. This process is very good for flat owners as they can conduct the whole process inside their flat. Extra fertile soil can be used in the society premises. The results are excellent.

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raghavendrarao said...

dear madam,
I read your articlein Indian Express and was very happy.I have gone through your website also for more information. I myself am much intrested in this technique, but i am a beginner and have lots of doubts.Please give me your contact details like email ID. I am from Pune.My email ID is
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antara said...

Aunty its been a great pleasure to meet you at the chemist shop at magarpatta city n learn about the intiatives that you are taking towards retaining the natural beauty and the green surrounds of Pune. Although I am not well informed about creating beautiful gardens but i do appreciate d measures that you have taken in this direction....apart from that the Indian Express article was also very good...i read your short article on women's day and though i am a very modern girl i do agree with your ideas....coz i too feel women should not lose their identities but at the same time should give equal respect to various relationships in life as best wishes to you in your endeavour....antara

pramod said...

can i use it in agri . as decomposition agent? .

Rashmi Deo said...

This is incredible learning! thank you for this wealth of information.