Monday, December 12, 2022

Garbage to Gardens Scholarships Initiative


A special 87th birthday with a mission to accomplish !

Today is a special day in my life. I have completed more than eight and a half decades of this long journey of life. It has been a happy, healthy, and blissful contended phase throughout. My happy family, my near and dear ones, also my dearest friends who have always shown me their love and respect. I am extremely grateful  to all of them.

At the same time, when I look around, I see the other side:  poverty, inequality illiteracy etc. We cannot remain insensitive to all these issues happening in our society

I am not a rich or wealthy individual, but with my limited resources I have decided to sponsor a girl student coming from a tribal community to complete a 2 year diploma course in Agriculture at the Jnana Prabodhini Krushi Tantra Vidyalaya, Harali in Solapur district.

To make this a sustainable cause and help more needy students in the future, I have decided to launch a Garbage to Gardens Scholarship Initiative (

Let us all be together to support this genuine cause and give our blessings and best wishes to uplift the needy and deserving students in our society in the field of science and other areas of education. 

                Sudha Pai

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Usage of Bio-waste incinerator at society level

I am happy to inform my friends that Magarpatta City has installed a Bio-waste incinerator to treat the bio-waste created in the society like sanitary pads, diapers used by sick patients, diapers used for babies and also masks used during the pandemic etc. Magarpatta City management has taken the lead and initiative to start this at the society level as it is an important issue through which infections can be spread. I hope and wish that other societies also follow this soon. Magarpatta City has an excellent Waste to Energy system which is worth following as a role model and I am proud to be a resident of Magarpatta city, which is known as The Pride of Pune.  

                                                                                                                                            By Sudha Pai

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


National Education Policy 2020

The 5+3+3+4 stages starts from age 3yrs in Aganvadi (Play school), next Primary, Preparatory , Middle stage and Secondary, THIS secondary stage is in two parts 9-10 and 11-12.

      Secondary stage, 9-10 and 11-12, here the student get a chance to choose a subject of his or her liking and plan for a profession in later years. At this stage, I would like to mention that priority should be given to science subjects like Botany, Zoology, Horticulture,( vermiculture, bio –culture) which are used for composting and are directly connected with the conservation of  NATURE Students who are selecting these subjects should be encouraged and felicitated

       After passing 9-10, they are getting a Certificates eligible for employment at that level. If the Gov gives them employment it will be good boost for them to go for next higher study Diploma and once they reach the graduation level they will be able to use new innovative technology.  Soon we will have nature- loving professionals and scientists amongst us

       In the present scenario where nature has been destroyed beyond repair, we have to take these steps and start implementing them without much delay so that we may not have to face another worst pandemic. Please give a serious thought to it and it will be a noble act on the part of the Gov.

        Last but not the least, it should be a great concern to all of us that our farmers’  next generation are getting influenced by the glamour and luxury of city life and are ready to give away their land for this type of life. They should be truly convinced that they are the richest luxury for the nation that is food for survival. Similarly students from poor family back ground with no educated parents at home can be encouraged to opt for this course where they can create beautiful landscaping and gardens and also create self-employment thereby make a big contribution towards our Nation

By sudha pai

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Nature vs Corona-virus

Sudha  Pai
18th April 2020

Mother Nature has an active role in maintaining the life and growth of all the species on this planet earth including the human species which is provided with a special part in their brains called intellect to be used discretely. As a loving mother takes good care of her children, nature has provided  human beings everything that is necessary for living a good life, like pure air to breath, clean water to drink, good food like fruits, vegetables, grains etc. to eat and last but not the least beautiful surroundings to live a healthy life.
The man with his super intellect and arrogance has intruded in a perfectly managed system called Nature in the name of progress and development, so much that  today we don't have pure air to breathe, no clean water to drink and no hygienic places to live in.  All these things combined  can’t give immunity to our physical body. We have so many  vehicles running on petrol and diesel creating pollution in the air. Industrialists dump their waste into  rivers unaware  that water seeps underground and enters  other water  bodies in the nearby area,  polluting the water. To top it all off, our so called educated people with their  moral and civic standard have created such messy and largely littered surroundings. Our civic administration is not addressing this issue. This is a matter of grave concern to our societies.
It is now time to get the  message:  we have to get back the love of our Mother Nature who  we have so callously wrecked beyond repair.

If all of us can come together as one during this Corona crisis, we can also be together to get back our lost paradise by promoting  planting trees, flowers fruits etc. in our surroundings. Surely it will be a beautiful world with bees and butterflies communicating their gratitude towards you, also  changing our attitude and style of living. It will be great if our Govt also take interest in promoting nature in every infrastructure and development planning.
So many new diseases are cropping up, the latest being COVID19, the Corona virus. A couple of years ago there were many more like Dengue, Malaria, Swine flu, Chikungunya etc. Those who had lived in India in the 1940s and 50s even had to face the deadly Plague, Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox … the list is quite big.  Our scientists  have found vaccines for all these deadly diseases  and got them eradicated. Corona has spread all over the world and we are  yet to find a vaccine for it. We wait for such situations, we wait for these deaths to happen and then we wait yet again, just to find a solution for a problem that could have easily been  prevented just by keeping a balance between progress and development.

Celebration of Word Environment Day, June 5, 2020.                       By Sudha Pai
All of us now have to pass through a very depressing and difficult times all over the world with Covid19 followed by lock down, stay at home, social distancing etc. We have to give a deep thought as to how far we are partly responsible for this kind of situation. Please read my earlier post ‘Nature VS Corona Virus’.
Today, I appeal well in advance to all my friends that we have to make all efforts to get back our lost paradise and the love of our supreme Mother Nature. I am humbled to see so many likes and equal number of appreciative comments from you on my work and articles posted on face book especially my blog  and similar page on face book , Thank you all from my heart.
I am planning to start a Green Movement on the auspicious day of the World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2020. Let us all be together friends in this movement and make it a great success. I appeal and request you all to plant minimum one sapling of a tree of your choice in your surroundings. depending on the availability of space you may  plant even more .
What prompted me to start this movement was axing down of 2000 trees, in other words lives in Arae colony in the suburbs of Mumbai to put a railway shed for the Bullet train project. If it was a human massacre it would have been called genocide and we would have fought a war over it and legal actions must have been executed.  We humans do not realize that these trees are helping us to breathe oxygen the core essence of our life. We have been all through insensitive to such happening. Now a time has come to prevent such crimes
I am there with you all in this mission with my limited capacity as I am a senior citizen of 85yrs. Please do not worry about my age as you young people are there with me I never feel my age. So, let us go ahead and complete our mission as this is the need of the hour even though late, ‘Better to be late than never’’ Thank you all once again, when you are done please let me know in your comments just one word done, with love and blessings , GOD BLESS
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Saturday, May 13, 2017

This 81-Year-Old Swachh Crusader Has Been Encouraging Composting In Pune For Nearly 40 Years

Through talks, demonstrations and even over teas at her home, Sudha Pai has been working tirelessly to influence people around her to compost their waste
This 81-Year-Old Swachh Crusader Has Been Encouraging Composting In Pune For Nearly 40 Years

Friday, May 12, 2017

Positive influence of Nature on Human mind and body                                                
  By Sudha Pai
     Nature in its complete form constitute air, water, light, space and land along with its beautiful green landscape. These five elements are essential for the creation, protection and continuation of all species of life on this planet including human beings. The whole system is so perfectly designed to provide and fulfil the needs of all the living species, most important being food for survival like fruits, vegetables, grains etc. .All the living beings are interdependent and co-exist with peace and harmony. We are just caretakers here on this planet to live and enjoy our lives by following and respecting the laws of Nature. The magnitude of this system is beyond our comprehension as we are only a part of it
       Working with Nature is a most beautiful and satisfying experience. We can achieve this by creating a small patch of greenery in the surroundings of our homes depending on whatever space you can manage. If we nurture these thoughts, it may change the attitude of our way of life and our style of living. Nature has inspired poets, writers, artists, lyricist etc. It is a perfect picture of beauty, serenity and divinity. In the name of progress and development, the man with his super intellect and arrogance has intruded into this perfect system and the disastrous consequences are seen in the form of landslides, floods and climate change etc
   Lastly, on a spiritual note, I believe that Nature is God almighty, visible and omnipotent. Nature is true religion self-explaining without any holy books, scriptures, dictates and dogmas and showing us the right path to health,happiness, peace and prosperity. If we worship nature, there will be no negativity in our minds. You will have only love, respect and compassion for others. We should not forget with our limited wisdom that we all come from Nature and go back there by following the laws of Nature. So please see that we do not destroy Nature by which we will be destroying ourselves.