Saturday, February 20, 2016

Segregation of Bio-waste

After introducing our Prime Minister’s Policy of Swach Bharat, people in many places have started implementing many projects like segregation, disposal of waste etc. a bit seriously, but not enough to get good results. Please read below a few suggestions.
Since the garbage accumulated every day is of different types, such as wet garbage, plastics, glass, electronic waste, and lastly bio-waste like sanitary pads, diapers, syringes etc., we need minimum 4 different containers for these.
1)      One for wet waste  which can go for composting
2)      One for plastic which can go for recycling
3)      One for electronic waste  which can also be re-used
4)      One for bio-waste this should be separately segregated without mixing with any other waste as this might contain infections and other communicable diseases etc.

In my earlier posts, I have mentioned different processes for composting. Hence, now I am giving importance to this bio-waste, segregation of which has not been happening all these years and as such, it is very necessary to introduce now and see that this waste is incinerated along with hospital waste if possible or get separate incinerators for this. I appeal to our corporation to give priority to this and start implementing this soon. I appeal to all my friends too to think about seriously to take active interest and get it done as it is affecting our health.
To make the disposal easy, waste pickers may collect the wet waste and bio-waste every day and other wastes on different days of the week. They may instruct the residents about this plan.

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