Friday, May 12, 2017

Positive influence of Nature on Human mind and body                                                
  By Sudha Pai
     Nature in its complete form constitute air, water, light, space and land along with its beautiful green landscape. These five elements are essential for the creation, protection and continuation of all species of life on this planet including human beings. The whole system is so perfectly designed to provide and fulfil the needs of all the living species, most important being food for survival like fruits, vegetables, grains etc. .All the living beings are interdependent and co-exist with peace and harmony. We are just caretakers here on this planet to live and enjoy our lives by following and respecting the laws of Nature. The magnitude of this system is beyond our comprehension as we are only a part of it
       Working with Nature is a most beautiful and satisfying experience. We can achieve this by creating a small patch of greenery in the surroundings of our homes depending on whatever space you can manage. If we nurture these thoughts, it may change the attitude of our way of life and our style of living. Nature has inspired poets, writers, artists, lyricist etc. It is a perfect picture of beauty, serenity and divinity. In the name of progress and development, the man with his super intellect and arrogance has intruded into this perfect system and the disastrous consequences are seen in the form of landslides, floods and climate change etc
   Lastly, on a spiritual note, I believe that Nature is God almighty, visible and omnipotent. Nature is true religion self-explaining without any holy books, scriptures, dictates and dogmas and showing us the right path to health,happiness, peace and prosperity. If we worship nature, there will be no negativity in our minds. You will have only love, respect and compassion for others. We should not forget with our limited wisdom that we all come from Nature and go back there by following the laws of Nature. So please see that we do not destroy Nature by which we will be destroying ourselves.                                                                                                               


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